☆ September 22, 2014 ☆

I should probably fix my poor eating habits

Which last year meant overeating on the rare chances I got to escape campus food and have real food or over indulging in snacks and ramen due to late night studying

While this year means being so busy that I have no time to eat or cook despite having a kitchen and a car and having maybe a meal and a half total a day

Funny thing is both involve me losing or staying at the same weight during the school semester.

Better start buying snacks to carry with me.

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What depresses me more than having to do physics

And obviously having to do well in it despite my horrible teacher

Is that all this time I spend working on physics and not understanding it

Could be WAY better spent on actually studying and learning more about the things I actually enjoy 

The things that I apparently need physics to do

Like biochem and physio. Merrrrrp —____—

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☆ September 20, 2014 ☆

[グラス イン イーブイズ]

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☆ September 18, 2014 ☆

Just realized I only need to take 3 classes a semester for the next 4 semesters in order to graduate

And even then I’ll have more credits than I actually l need

That just took a LOT of stress out of my life ! Now to attempt to fit all the art classes possible plus Japanese … ;)

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Today in 8am my bio teacher blasted Maroon 5 in the 5 minutes before class

It’s 9am, I’m not dead tired and my teacher listens to Maroon 5

So far, good day. 

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☆ September 17, 2014 ☆
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Kinda sad that my current state of life is

Being really moved at the slightest sign that someone gives a shit

Because recently I’ve been conditioned to expect people don’t

Cause honestly they really won’t

Despite that person being the last person I’d expect to give off that impression

And I know they don’t actually give a shit

My brain is just too active for its own good

Guess that’s why I’m in school huh?

Welp. Off to bed for another exhausting day. 

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☆ September 15, 2014 ☆
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I can honestly say that despite the extra 1-3 hours I spend on grading and preparation

Being an Orgo Lab TA has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in college. Period. 

And despite the stress of double (first semester triple) science and double lab last year, orgo was and is still hella fun and awesome 

So far, it has only been bested by biochem <3

I wonder if I could get away with doing bio lab TA as well next year. hrmm… ;) 

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constantly torn between “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go get it”

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